Hawaii: Day 10

Our last full day in Hawaii. Spent the day at Waikiki Beach for some final wave action. I got a couple of cuts from the reef as souvenirs. We also wanted one more stop at Ala Moana just for the heck of it. We dropped by the Apple Store to see if they had the new 15″ Powerbooks on display. Upon arriving, they weren’t on display. But as soon as an employee asked us if we needed any help, I immediately asked about the new laptops. He told me, “We have all the new Powerbooks in the back ready to be sold, but we don’t have any on display.” As we turned to leave, he called us back, “..but I can bring one out to you from the back to look at”. So we got to see one of the first 15″ Powerbooks on the island of Oahu. Basically.

Tonight was supposed to be $1 drinks at Pipeline. But instead, we went to Hooter’s because a fake ID fell through. After a perfect record, Cheryl’s ID failed to get her in. Interestingly, TJ had gotten in before her using Joe’s ID. Ironic isn’t it. Time to pack up and get ready to fly home.

Posted on September 17, 2003 in Uncategorized.