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Ever since my PC broke down about 2 months ago, I’ve been using my PowerBook as my main computer. I even have it hooked up to my monitor and my wireless keyboard and mouse (too bad it’s not an Apple wireless keyboard and/or mouse *hint*), so it truly has replaced my desktop. I’m so used to using Mac OS X that sometimes I forget how to do simple things in a Windows environment (To shut down your computer, you have to hit the “Start” button?). I’m even surrounded by Macs at work ;) I haven’t even so much touched a Windows operating system except for the times I’m at Rochelle’s apartment, and even then I use it minimally. Once I retrieve the rest of my files off my PC’s hard drive, I can finally wean myself from using a PC.

All of this is not meant to talk bad about Microsoft and their operating system. I’ve used some form of Windows for 5+ years and for the most part, it worked fine for me. It’s good enough that 95% of the computing world uses some version of Windows. It’s not that it’s not good enough for me, it’s just that Macs and OS X does everything that I need an operating system to do, but it does it better. A lot of people use the BMW analogy to describe Macs and PCs. BMW has a smaller share of the market than say, Honda or Toyota, but that doesn’t mean BMW makes crappy cars. They make quality cars and charge a premium for them. Apple does the same thing with their computers. They put a lot of thought, time and effort when designing their computers and operating systems. I’m going to use the same analogy but in a different way to describe why I like using an Apple operating system instead of a Windows operating system. Using a PC with Windows 98/2000/XP is like driving a Ford Pinto. It does what it’s supposed to do. It gets you from point A to point B. But that’s it. Using a Mac with Mac OS X is like driving a BMW. It does the same thing a PC does, but it does it in style. It surfs the Internet, it sends and receives email, plays MP3s, etc, but doing all these tasks is much more enjoyable on a Mac, as is driving a BMW is much more enjoyable than driving a Pinto. You’re also much less prone to crash if you’re in a BMW than a Pinto.

: Big Apple Heartbreak by Yellowcard

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