Life Poster

A couple weeks ago, I read instructions on how to make a life poster using only iPhoto and Photoshop. The instructions were simple enough so I went ahead and did it. And here is the end result.

Here are some facts about the poster:

Dimensions: 20″ x 30″
Number of photos: 98
Total cost (including frame): Less than $50

It turned out really nice and I’m happy with the way it came out. I can look at each picture and I can vividly remember the story behind each one. As people walk in and out of my room, they always have questions about where a picture was taken. It’s a very cool way to display a bunch of pictures at once. To be fair, not all the pictures were taken by me, but by a true artist.

I love the fact that I can look at my poster and I can laugh, cry, and/or smile about the past 4 years.

: A Lack Of Color by Death Cab For Cutie from the album Transatlanticism

Posted on February 26, 2005 in Uncategorized.