The Comfort of Home

I don’t know how this one passed me up. Rufio released their 3rd full length album during the summer and I didn’t hear about it until a couple weeks ago. After listening to it a couple times through, this album is close to being my favorite Rufio album (perhaps, i suppose… being my favorite). With their 2nd album, it took me a long time to like most of the songs, whereas with this album, I was hooked after my 2nd time through It’s your typical Rufio formula. Pop punk. Really fast pop punk. I think that’s why I like listening to it at work, it’s so fast paced, it’s almost impossible to fall asleep to it. I find myself constantly tapping my feet to it and working faster just by listening to it. Oh, and the lyrics are good too. My picks are “Out of Control”, “Let Fate Decide”, and “My Escape”.

We built these walls to last forever
and now I’m planning my escape

So I’m cutting out, cutting out
Leaving all that stands behind me
And I watch you fall, watch you fall to the ground
So wait and see, I will be
Everything you never let me
And I watch you fall, watch you fall to the ground

: My Escape by Rufio from the album The Comfort of Home

Posted on November 9, 2005 in Uncategorized.